You won't find this much Behavior Analysis expertise in one place, outside of a university.

6BCBA-D's ABA therapy is based in Florida and founded upon the science of Behavior Analysis as the chief means of improving the lives of people struggling with a variety of issues.

At 6BCBA-D's, we take the science of Behavior and learning very seriously. Our doctoral-level staff members frequently present at conferences, publish research papers, sit on editorial boards, collaborate with Universities, offer community training, and ensure the practice of Behavior Analysis within the company is of the highest caliber. All of our BCBA-D's are available for consult via telehealth anywhere in the state, and thus their expertise is at your fingertips.


Fear not! There are no problems (we know of} that have not been encountered and overcome by our team of experts. Over 100 years of research and University experience is represented in our doctoral-level team. Let's tackle your family's issues together.