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5 Toys For Special Needs Children

Just like any other kids, children with special needs may require special toys that can help them cope with their daily struggles and bring a smile to their faces. We have a few toys that [...]

Back To School Tips To Help Kids With Autism Have A Smooth Transition

Summer vacation is officially over. It is time to get back to school time! A new school year starts and all these events are very likely to have an effect in your child with Autism. [...]

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A New Study Shows That People With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Have A Hard Time Distinguishing Truth From Lies

Researchers, led by Professor David Williams of the University of Kent, found that lie detection ability is 'significantly diminished' in those with a full ASD diagnosis. It is also related to how many ASD traits [...]

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4 Ways To Help Your Child With Autism This Summer

Summer. School-free weeks are a great time for most kids. Parents don’t mind the lighter load that comes with no homework or after-school activities. But a relaxed schedule can be a challenge for children with [...]

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