5 Toys For Special Needs Children

//5 Toys For Special Needs Children

5 Toys For Special Needs Children

Just like any other kids, children with special needs may require special toys that can help them cope with their daily struggles and bring a smile to their faces. We have a few toys that we would like to show you and these will definitely help with the development of certain skills to prepare them for adulthood and social life, motor skills, organization, completing tasks and creative thinking. Check them out below.

1. Special Puzzles

With this puzzle, kids with autism and other developmental delays can work on:

  • Development of motor skills.
  • Cognitive matching skills.
  • Simple compliance task to be completed.

2. This Imaginarium foam set of 3 puzzles

This toy can help with:

  • Fine motor skills because of the little bit of extra effort that foam affords you.
  • Give you something to talk about because some of the animals are identifiable which gives you more possibilities in the way of purpose and function.

3. Pop beads are a great toy for:

  • Fine motor toy.
  • Putting together and taking apart, creating and inventing.
  • Can incorporate skills that involve colors and shapes.
  • Reasonably priced, durable and usually in a decent container.

4. Educational Kitchen Toys

  • With kitchen items there are a lot of functional imitation skills you can work on (with real life objects, doing real life things such as cooking), on top of the pretend play skills you are developing and the skills you are building with these toys.
  • There is a lot of vocabulary that is functional and important to be used with these toys.
  • You are now exposing and talking about everyday items and the actions that go with these toys with your child.
  • Add some more food or a tea set to that kitchen.

5. Toys for socializing skills

When it comes to games, you should pick a focus to work at a time. You want your child to:

  • Be involved with their siblings in some way
  • Learn/practice turn taking
  • Improve cognitive skills

If you ask yourself what you want out of a game, it may help you make a better choice when selecting games. Games like Honey Bee Tree and are great for turn taking and require minimal skills to participate.



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