Everyday life with Autism

//Everyday life with Autism

Everyday life with Autism

Daily Routine: One of the fundamental ways to improve everyday life’s struggles with autism is to focus on a daily routine. Many children with autism rely on a routine and may become agitating or overwhelmed when something does not follow the routine.

• Get up and go to bed around the same time each day.
• A morning and bedtime routine is critical. Tasks such as hygiene and getting dressed may be stressful if you do not establish a routine ahead of time.
• Breakfast and other meals should follow the same process daily. At mealtime, the child should wash hands, sit at their place, say prayers, eat, clean up, etc. A routine at mealtime will reduce stress on the family. Some children may want the same food every day for lunch. If it is a healthy option, allow this.
• Schedule playtime, education time and even television time at the same time daily.
• When there are situations where the routine may not occur, explain to the child several times throughout the day. Help them to deal with the worry.
• Parents should schedule time for one on one time with the child. Some autistic children respond better to parents than anyone else.

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