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Best Sports For Kids With Autism

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Some sports can be challenging for kids with autism. That doesn't mean they should stay away from physical activity, but it is important to help your child to choose sports that they are likely to enjoy and excel at. Autism creates specific challenges when it comes to sports, but it also opens up some exciting [...]

4 Ways To Help Your Child With Autism This Summer

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Summer. School-free weeks are a great time for most kids. Parents don’t mind the lighter load that comes with no homework or after-school activities. But a relaxed schedule can be a challenge for children with autism and their parents. Here are 4 ways you can improve your child's day this summer: Use a calendar to [...]

School Provide Autism Behavioral Therapy article reprint from Spring Hill Beacon April 2017

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Here is the PDF Download of the article clip Newspaper article FSBA Spring Hill Beacon 3_2017 v2

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