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BCBA Jobs in Melbourne, Florida

BCBA Jobs in Melbourne, Florida

Full Spectrum ABA is Florida’s Premier Leader in Educational Applied Behavior Analysis. Now with several schools and facilities across the state, providing ample hour availability in collaborative locales. We are run by BCBA-D’s with a heart for quality clinical care and professional development and have the structure and support to ensure any BCBA soars to their peak potential.

Monthly supervision and professional development meetings are run by our renowned BCBA-D’s, ensuring supervision for our techs and further learning opportunities for our analysts. Work 40+ hours working in schools, facilities, and early intervention settings; earn top-dollar while growing as an analyst.

Why Join Full Spectrum ABA?

- Premier Health Insurance Provided for ALL Staff.

- School Campus Service Model – Consistent hours and locations.

- Learn from our 10+ PhD / BCBA-D’s – Vast experience and University backgrounds.

- Regimented Supervision Structure & Free CEUs by Experts – Our PGP Program.

- 11+ Languages Spoken – We Value Diversity – Connect to our Bilingual ABA arm.

- Research, Book Publication, and Grant-writing – The Full Spectrum Behavior Institute.

- Autistic Self-Advocate -

o Autistic Job Training Program -

o Free CEU App for ABA Providers -

o High Support Need Treatment Team (HSNTT) with paid Pro-ABA Autistic Self-Advocates participating.

o 7+ Autistic Staff members - including multiple corporate staff members.

BCBA Jobs in Melbourne, Florida
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