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End of 2023 Reflections

Updated: Jan 3

Did you know it is important to make reflections? It helps our own brain development in regards to improving self-esteem and awareness in ourselves and the environment around us. Now let me share some reflections about this year, 2023:

I want to thank everyone for supporting my advocacy work in the neurodiverse community! There has been tremendous growth for me personally and professionally this year. I learned a lot of lessons just this year alone, from adapting to a new promoted job within the school district I've been working with since I've moved to Florida to gaining new coping strategies from outside help I've been receiving (it was important!). The biggest experience I've encountered was advocating for myself in my new job as a behavior specialist for a public school district in FL. It was no easy task, but my mom gave me tips and I learned to write out my concerns and supports I needed. I had that meeting with my supervisor, and she was really impressed with me advocating in general, not just with my paper for supports I wrote out. I'm going to carry on the lessons I learn and apply them cause everything I learn will always help me grow. I cannot wait for what 2024 brings and will keep doing all that I do for the neurodiverse community into the new year!

How do you feel with everything that occurred this year for you? Share your experiences in the comments section!


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