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Inclusive Companies

As part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), there are many companies helping people with disabilities gain employment:

Publix - The store allows people with disabilities to use assistive technology while working to communicate with colleagues and costumers. Also, they permit service animals in public spaces at the store. Learn more about their program here:

Full Spectrum ABA - The company hires people with disabilities to work in all departments within the ABA company, from marketing to working as RBTs and Behavior Analysts in the ABA field. To learn more about Full Spectrum ABA's neurodiversity program, check it out here:

Home Depot - The store has a program called "Ken's Krew", in which the store creates supportive work environments for people with disabilities and helps them gain many different employment opportunities within the company. Learn more about Home Depot's program here:

Microsoft - The company has a neurodiverse program for helping people with disabilities through the hiring process and then provide various different employment opportunities that matches their own skill set and experiences. Learn more about Microsoft's neurodiversity program here:

Amazon - Provides on the job accommodations, work wellness coaching, vocational rehabilitation, etc., for people with disabilities. Learn more here:

Dell - The company has an autism hiring program to provide career readiness training and possible full time career opportunities for neurodivergent job seeks. To learn more about Dell's program, check it out here:

Workplaces must provide all kinds of employment opportunities for people with disabilities in order for them to gain income and make a living in the world. Do you know more workplaces hiring people with disabilities? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!


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