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Inclusive Companies for Autistic People

Did you know autistic people still struggle with employment, from being unemployed to working below minimum wage?

Credit: Spectrum-Autism Research News

Personally, I work with an inclusive ABA company that hires autistic people to work in various roles for the company. As you may know, I am their main blogger. I am also a team member of the high-needs support ABA virtual team and working on certification to be a therapist with the company. My experiences with them, for almost a year in June, have been incredible! I am so grateful for the amount of support I've gotten on my journey in the ABA field! If you are autistic and want to pursue work in the field of ABA or even showcase your skills (ex: marketing, video editing, and etc), join this ABA company: Full Spectrum ABA!

There are so many more inclusive companies and organizations out in the world today hiring autistics. Here is a list of some companies that hire autistic people:

1. Google - Google Cloud’s Autism Career Program

2. Walgreens - Autism Careers program

3. Microsoft - Microsoft Neurodiversity Hiring Program

4. AMC- FOCUS program

5. Home Depot- Ken's Krew program

6. Equally Fit- Ambassadors program

It is still a work in progress when it comes to companies hiring autistics and people with disabilities, but the change is already incredible. We must continue striving for more companies to be inclusive when hiring potential employees with autism and disabilities.

Do you know any more companies that are inclusive? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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