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Interview with Ron Sandison on Spectrum Inclusion

Do you know any autistic authors or read books about autism?

Today, more autistic people are becoming authors by sharing their own life journeys on the autism spectrum through published books. Many published books by autistic authors have been providing the world a better education about autism as a spectrum full of abilities and challenges. Now are you ready to learn about the next guest on "The World of Autism"? Here is my next guest of the guest interview series!

Ron Sandison is an autistic adult who is a speaker and an author of several published books. Ron has published three books so far, which includes personal journeys from individuals on the autism spectrum. Now he has been working on his latest and fourth book. Not only he is an author and speaker, but he is the founder of his own website, "Spectrum Inclusion". To learn more about Ron, check out the guest interview I did with him here:

You can check out Ron's website here:


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