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It is World Autism Month!

As we all know, Autism is a lifelong neurological development disability. Children who live with autism will grow up as adults with autism. It is so important to accept autistic people, so there is more advocacy for autistic people in the world.

During World Autism Month, my next guest as part of the guest interview series is Martin Slyngstad!

Martin Slyngstad is an autistic self-advocate from California! He is the author of a book called "Chatter Box: My Life with Autism - A Mother and Son's Perspective". He created this book to share his perspective growing up with autism alongside his mom's perspective as a parent of an autistic child. We discussed his book, being a college student, and working as a behavior specialist. Finally, we wrapped up discussing the importance of acceptance and advocacy for autistic people every day, not just during World Autism Month.

Check out the interview I did with Martin here:

To purchase Martin's book, click on the link here:

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