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New Year, New Opportunities

I want to thank my family, friends, and the online neurodiverse community for supporting the work I do for so many years since my professional brand and website existed. Because of you, I got a new guest podcast episode kicking off the new year, along with more new content and opportunities for my professional brand and website throughout in the new year! Speaking of a new guest, you will not believe who was inspired to join on as a guest on the podcast series!?

Tyler Leech! He wrote a guest blog story on "The World of Autism" last month and was inspired by the guest podcast episodes I've done to join in as a guest! He felt his story and voice matters in the community and for the world. If you have not read the guest story that Tyler Leech wrote last month, check it out! Tyler Leech joins my guest podcast series to share more details about his journey growing up with autism and his accomplishments, including being part of some organizations, and even created the Barefoot Challenge to raise awareness and acceptance for autism all year round! Learn more about Tyler in this guest podcast episode I did with him:

Do you have any questions for Tyler! Share them in the comments section!


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