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New Year, New Start!

Can you believe it is 2022?

The picture I posted demonstrates a new chapter in life. My family and I are beginning the new year in our new home, here in Florida! We are only a couple months away from being one year since living in Florida, after growing up in New Jersey for twenty years. To start off the new year, family and I are making new memories in our new home, continuing to explore new places, and attend events in our new hometown. Want to know ways to start off the new year for the family and for individuals on the autism spectrum? Here are some activities to start off the new year for everyone:

  1. Create a memory book! It’s a fun, arts-and-crafts activity for the whole family. Everyone can put pictures into scrapbooks or photo album books, and then share memories created as a family together over the last year.

  2. Cook a special meal! Celebrate the new year by starting off making a special meal that is healthy, while everyone can enjoy together as a family. It is important to consider individual needs when cooking meals, and engage individuals on the autism spectrum to cook, so they develop on cooking skills.

  3. Watch movies together! Everyone in the family, including individuals on the autism spectrum, should pick out a movie to watch all together. This is a way great for individuals with autism to learn to take turns, while learning to watch a movie different from their own favorites at the same time.

  4. Exercise! Think of exercise as a lifestyle. Pick an activity that everyone in the family enjoys doing, such as soccer or dancing, and complete that activity for thirty to sixty minutes a day. Complete an activity to do three to four days a week, as it will help with building strength and flexibility for the long run in life. Exercising is beneficial in overall health and development for everyone, including for individuals with ASD.

  5. Go explore somewhere new! It can be a new park, event, town in your area, etc. The most important part with this is that the whole family is doing something new together to start of the new year. To prepare individuals with ASD to explore a new place, implement social stories, and keep supply in a bag pack of individual needs, from medications, to favorite foods and stim toys. This will help make a new adventure less stressful for the whole family.

What is one new thing you want to do in the new year? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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