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Prompting is a teaching procedure that comes before the behavior/skill/response occurs. It is used to support a person as they learn a new skill/behavior/response. There are different prompting systems used to teach people new behaviors/skills/responses:

Prompt Hierarchy

Credits: The Autism Helper

Least to Most prompting: a person providing no assistance at first and then moves to a more instructive prompt if an individual is not able to perform the skill on their own.

Most to Least prompting: a person providing hands on assistance to learn the skill and then uses a less instructive approach as an individual is able to the perform the skill more on their own.

When an individual needs a lot of help learning a new skill/behavior/response, use the first prompting system. When an individual is able to perform a new skill/behavior/response already, use least to most prompting. The ultimate goal is that prompting should be faded out as soon as an individual can perform the skill/behavior/response more on their own.

When have you used prompting? Share your experiences in the comments section.

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