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Sara Bradford: Voices Matter

I'm so excited to have a returning guest on "The World of Autism":

Sara Bradford is an autistic advocate and mother of her own autistic children. Last time we had her on, she created a podcast platform known as "SJ Childs Show" to let autistic people and others share their journeys and important messages for the community. In addition, she opened up about being an author of children books, which teach children about neurodiversity. Sara Bradford returned to my guest podcast series to share updates on her expanded advocacy work for the community. She also provided a big announcement for the community and expressed an important message that her expansion of her advocacy work allows people to know their voices matter in the world. She expresses this message so loud and clear throughout this guest podcast episode. Check out the interview I did with Sara here:

Do you have any questions for Sara Bradford? Share your questions in the comments section!

Check out Sara Bradford's website here:


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