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Sensory Seekers vs. Sensory Avoiders

Did you know there are autistic people who are sensory seekers or sensory avoiders?

Sensory seekers are those who look to stimulate his/her five senses. Sensory seekers are under responsive with sensory that they seek sensory input. On the other hand, sensory avoiders are those who retreat from the world and/or appear overly emotional/anxious who then avoids experiences. Sensory seekers have over sensitivity to sensory more than an average person that they avoid any form of sensory input. Here is a visual between sensory seekers and sensory avoiders:

Image Credit: Autism Dietitian

People are probably thinking...What are some sensory interventions for autistic people? Here ware some interventions for families, educators, professionals, etc., can use for autistic people:

  • Dynamic Cushion

  • Rocking Chair

  • Cube Chair

  • Therapy Ball

  • Toys and Fidgets

  • Chair/Wobble Seat

  • Beanbag

  • Modify lighting and sound

  • Study Carrel

  • Headphones

Do you have any questions about sensory seekers and avoiders? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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