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Vacation Time!

It's always exciting to know that the school year is over, and it's time for a vacation. Many families with neurodiverse children know long summer breaks can be tough for them, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are many approaches to making a vacation happen for the family during a long summer break:

  1. Plan ahead! My family and I always planned ahead about vacations we go on, such as going to Ohio to spend time with my older sister. I had a blast! I knew when we would be going on our vacation, and I put it on my phone calendar. Families can put a visual reminder of their vacation on their calendar as a way to look forward altogether.

  2. Discuss the vacation with a doctor. If a neurodiverse individual has medical issues, make sure to talk with a doctor prior to going on the trip or vacation at a specific location. A doctor may recommend people to bring extra medication in case of need. As for me, I live with Tulsa Hunt Syndrome, a rare migraine condition that impacts the third nerve of my left eye. I always carry my medication in case I don't feel well no matter where I'm at, so I make sure to pack it and have it with me in case of anything. It's better to be safe and feel better sooner than sorry and in pain the whole time.

  3. Stay in most accessible areas of your destination trip or vacation. Research is key, so find hotels and restaurants that are friendly with disability accommodations. Call and ask questions before arrival at hotels and restaurants that they provide accommodations for neurodiverse individuals.

  4. Bring your favorites and have fun! Pack your favorite sensory items, favorite foods, etc., into a backpack. Most importantly, enjoy the experiences while on a trip or vacation. Of course, take breaks as needed, but have fun on your family-friendly summer vacation!

What other advice or tips do you have when it comes to summer vacation or trips? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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