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Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation in Florida

The A.E. Wood Foundation strives to increase access to services for all children. In coordination with Full Spectrum ABA, the A.E. Wood Foundation now offers Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations in Florida at a low cost to families. During the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation, a Licensed Psychologist will assess multiple areas of your child’s functioning, including communication, social skills, behavioral strengths, and concerns, and will obtain developmental history.

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What are the steps of a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation?

1. Intake Interview: As caregivers, you will participate in an initial intake interview with the team, including the licensed psychologist, via telehealth.

2.  Assessment: The provider will assess your child’s current skills using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition (ADOS). You will also complete questionnaires related to behavioral concerns.

3. Results: The information collected through the intake interview, standardized testing, and questionnaires will be combined to determine if your child meets criteria for a diagnosis.  


4. Review: You will be provided a written report summarizing results of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment and will schedule an appointment to review the results of the evaluation, discuss next steps, and determine which resources may be available and beneficial for your child.

What is the cost of a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation?

The cost of a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation can range between $1,500 to $3,000. The A.E. Wood Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and therefore, aims to keep costs for the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation as affordable as possible.

Health insurance may provide that coverage, but first you must contact your health insurance provider and ask them if they reimburse for the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE) and for what amount. If they reimburse for the CDE then you would need to pay the A.E Wood Foundation up front for the CDE and we will send you a receipt. You can submit the receipt to your health insurance provider for reimbursement.

Can I pay make monthly payments to cover for the CDE?

Yes. You have the option to pay in full or make monthly payments until the full amount is covered. Please note that full amount of the Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation must be paid prior to the initial appointment.

You can also use PayPal Credit to pay for your CDE. No interest if paid in full within 6 months. If you would like to learn more or apply for PayPal Credit click here.

Have any more questions? Contact us or Call Us.

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