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Reason 1 to Become an RBT.png

As an RBT you get to experience working with clients who have autism, OCD, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and more. You get to work with the most vulnerable people and impacting their lives so much because of the work that you are doing and the services that you are providing. So that's what's so special about being an RBT, and the fact that you're willing to use research-based interventions. You're using data collection methods that are based on how the behaviors are presented along with the skills that the clients are working on, such as communication skills or social skills.

Reason 2 to become an RBT.png

You're not just growing professionally in terms of being knowledgeable about research-based interventions and data collection methods for checking on clients’ progress. You’re also growing overall with the amount of patience and dedication and with learning to get creative in terms of how the sessions are going to roll. And you're getting through with developing ideas of how to intervene when behaviors are presented or even just learning how to teach someone to communicate. You are learning about your clients as much as they learn from you. Everybody learns from each other.

Reason 3 to become an RBT.png

I know with my experiences with Full Spectrum ABA, they have done a wonderful job with the flexibility of scheduling and having me work with clients that match my availability of my schedule.

RBT is a Rewarding Experience.png

Overall, being an RBT is such a rewarding experience. You see so much progress that's happening in life through time, because the more you're working with clients, the more you're going to see how much progress is being made. And again, it's all because of you. I love it so much and I am encouraging you to go ahead and become a Registered Behavior Technician.

RBT Rates: $20-$26 *

* Depending on experience and region.

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