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RBT Jobs in Goose Creek, SC

Full Spectrum ABA is hiring Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) in Goose Creek, SC. Some of the perks include health benefits, life-insurance, flexible schedule and more. RBT rates start at $23 per hour and can go up depending on experience, region and funding sources. Apply today to change the live of neurodiverse children with autism.

RBT Rates: $21-$24 *

* Depending on experience and region

At Full Spectrum ABA, we are one of the world's top firms for Applied Behavior Analysis. Earn while you learn from the best in one of our many collaborative schools or facilities, directly in-home with families, and community based.


Why Join Full Spectrum ABA?

  • School Campus & In-Home Service Model – Consistent hours and locales.

  • Learn from our PhDs & BCBA-D’s – Vast experience and university backgrounds.

  • Regimented Supervision Structure & Free CEUs – PGP Program.

  • Research, Book Publication, and Grant-writing – The Full Spectrum Behavior Institute.

  • Autistic Outreach & Autistic Job Training Program – NTICI & ANUABA.

  • Health benefits available.


** Contact one of our team members for an up-to-date list of benefits.

Full Spectrum ABA CARES:

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