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We provide ABA Therapy for special needs children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related diagnoses. Full Spectrum ABA is currently home to nine doctors in Applied Behavior Analysis, an unparalleled amount of expertise on staff, making Full Spectrum ABA one of the world's top locales for ABA therapy.


Full Spectrum ABA provides services in numerous schools and facilities across Florida and in a multitude of other settings, including in-home services. Our Agency also offers Bilingual ABA (Bilingual Behavior Analysis) services, with providers who speak over 11 different languages.  Anyone in need of ABA therapy is encouraged to call our Corporate Office for additional information or feel free to Apply Here.

Training top-tier analysts is a priority of the firm, and we offer a Professionals Grooming Professionals (PGP ABA) program to attract and develop superior talent in the field of ABA. We offer mentorship to RBT’s starting their journey towards credentialing, which includes direct support from our BCBA-D’s and quality supervision provided by our experienced analysts that meets or exceeds current BACB standards.


Life Changing Therapy for Children and Young Adults with Special Needs.

Our family of experienced providers shepherd RBT’s through their educational process and help to ensure they have the experience necessary to become superior analysts. Full Spectrum ABA serves a broad range of clients from across the spectrum of support needs that offer unique clinical and educational opportunities for our providers. RBT’s gain practical, real-world knowledge, all while working with one of our experienced clinicians!


Additionally, Full Spectrum ABA is an ACE provider through the BACB, and offers free CEUs (Continuing Education Units), taught by our doctors or other leaders in the field of ABA. These ongoing professional development opportunities are designed to keep our providers on the forefront of any educational or research advancements in our field. Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis also hosts the Full Spectrum Behavior Institute which was founded with the vision of securing grant funding and creating ABA-focused publications, all while showcasing the top creative talent within the field of ABA.  


Full Spectrum ABA demonstrates a strong, ongoing commitment to the providers that we work alongside, in an effort to develop a network of expert providers capable of providing effective therapy for the most complex or challenging behaviors. If you are a credentialed provider or currently earning your RBT Certification and interested in joining the Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis family of providers, please fill out this form. (Join Us! PGP Form)

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“Socially significant behaviors” include reading, academics, social skills, communication, and adaptive living skills. Adaptive living skills include gross and fine motor skills, eating and food preparation, toileting, dressing, personal self-care, domestic skills, time and punctuality, money and value, home and community orientation, and work skills.

Socially Significant Behaviors