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Kids in Preschool

What is ABA? 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most recognized and widely accepted evidence-based practice for treating autism and a variety of mental and behavioral disorders. 

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What does ABA do for Children with Special Needs?

ABA utilizes individualized  procedures to improve socially significant behavior. In ABA, we break everything down into individual components, teaching a skill step-by-step.

We use positive practices by creating multiple opportunities to practice a new skill and providing reinforcement for appropriate behavior.

We collect data to track progress and make clinical decisions. ABA is used to help decrease problem behavior and improve appropriate behavior.

Teacher and Young Student
Teacher and Student

ABA Services may include:

  • Skill Assessment (e.g., ABLL-R, VB-MAPP, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales)

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

  • Functional Communication Training (FCT)

  • Social Skill Instruction

  • Safety Skill Instruction

  • Discrete Trial Training

  • Natural Environment Training

  • Precision Teaching

  • Classroom Management

  • Functional Living Skills

  • Behavior Management/Reduction

  • Intervention Planning

  • Data Collection and Display

  • Transition Planning

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Home / School Services 

ABA in the School 


At FSBA, our expertise sets us apart. We are home to many of Florida’s top education- based BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts). We have many doctorate-level practitioners in both ABA and Special Education, and many of our BCBAs are dually-certified as ESE teachers. Our wealth of expertise and ability to draw on diverse educational backgrounds provides FSBA the capacity to greatly impact children in the school environment. We happily work in tandem with many private schools, and this cooperative approach has produced amazing, positive results. 

ABA in the Home 

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At FSBA, we understand that a child’s success is dependent on both communication and consistency. We seek to ensure that the skills that we focus on in the school and community environment are reinforced in the home by the families. This therapeutic approach is key to the child’s success, regardless of individual environments. It also improves generalization of behavior across environments and people, allowing for progress to be made more quickly. FSBA will also provide services exclusively in the client’s home, as needed. 

Kids Reading Book in Park

About Us

Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis, LLC is a Florida-based company founded upon the science of behavior analysis as the primary therapy to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


We are a family-focused organization whose goal is for each client to reach their full potential in their home, school, and community. We are home to many of Florida’s top BCBAs, including 11 doctoral-level behavior analysts. 

“It’s not perfection, but consistency over time that changes behavior” 

-Collin Streetman (Vice President)

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