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Interview with Autistic Activist Marcus Boyd

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

What is an autism activist?

An autism activist is someone who advocates for rights of autistic people. An autism activist believes in helping autistics who have less than they do and provide services for better outcomes in life. Special interests can guide autistic people into becoming their own activists and advocates in the world. Now that we understand the idea of special interests turning people into their own activists and advocates, here is the next guest of this blog story!

Marcus Boyd is an Autistic activist and music producer. His music represents a part of his work as an autism activist and demonstrates his special interest in music as a music producer. He represents for autistic adults who can make it in the world of music industry, while advocating for autistic people through keynote speaking engagements and legislative work. Marcus is leading a positive change of ways people think about autism in the world. In fact, he became the first guest ever featured on my blog whose story was shared in one of my college courses! One of my professors in my online college this semester shared Marcus's journey with autism a week before the interview recording. So incredible! You can watch the interview I did with Marcus here:

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