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Interview with Desiree Campos, CEO of Abel's Dream Foundation

Did you know there are organizations out there in the world to help families with neurodiverse children and adults?

Meet Desiree Campos:

Desiree Campos (mom) and Abel Campos (neurodiverse child)

Desiree Campos is a CEO of Abel's Dream Foundation. Her non-profit organization became a resource and service for families with neurodiverse children and adults based on her own experiences as a parent for a neurodiverse child. She has two children: Anthony and Abel. Abel is her neurodiverse child with autism, ADHD, and intellectual disability. She wants families to know that they are not alone in their journey raising a neurodiverse child/adult, so the foundation provides resources and services to help neurodiverse children and adults thrive in life. To learn more about Desiree and the Abel's Dream Foundation, check out the guest interview here:

Check out Abel Dream Foundation's website here:

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