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Interview with Dr. Jennifer Bellotti, Executive VP of Full Spectrum ABA

I am so excited to announce I reached 40 guests on my podcast series, "The World of Autism"!

Over a year now, I had 40 guests featured in my podcast series for "The World of Autism". I have brought on autistic self-advocates, therapists, teachers, parents, siblings, professionals, etc., come on to share their experiences with educating about autism and advocating for the autism community. The 40th guest is someone I personally work with from Full Spectrum ABA, and I am honored to have this guest featured on "The World of Autism". Here is my 40th guest:

Dr. Jennifer Bellotti is a behavior analyst doctorate and executive vice president of FSBA (Full Spectrum ABA). She has extensive expertise and experiences with providing behavior therapy services in multiple settings for clients ages 4 to 18 with all kinds of disabilities, providing behavior therapy services for all levels of functioning and behavioral needs. Also, she's been involved in many behavior analytic studies and presented at many conferences. Plus, her and Collin Streetman (BCBA) developed the autism advocacy program for FSBA, which involves inclusion by hiring people with disabilities to work in multiple departments within the ABA company. Currently, there are 8+ autistic staff members in FSBA. I thank Dr. Jennifer Bellotti for all that she does for the company! Here is the guest interview I did with Dr. Jennifer Bellotti:

To learn more about Dr. Jennifer Bellotti, click on the link here:

Do you have any questions about FSBA? Do you have questions for Dr. Jennifer Bellotti? Share your questions in the comments section!


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