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Interview with Maribeth Edmunds on Parenting an Autistic Adult

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Are you a parent who has a child with autism and/or disabilities?

Parents learn that it takes a community to impact a child with autism and/or disabilities. Sometimes, they have days that they face a lot of challenges raising their child. Through all of the challenges, parents love their child for who they are and help them grow in life. Now let me introduce you to my guest of the guest interview series for “The World of Autism”.

Maribeth Edmunds is a parent of an autistic adult, a principal of an elementary school, and works with Eden Autism to get individuals with disabilities services beyond 21 years old. She and I met through the NJ Autism Think Tank, which is a committee group hosted at Brookdale Community College in NJ, where I graduated and earned my associate's degree. We discussed about her perspectives of parenting an autistic adult. Plus, she provided her perspectives as a principal of an elementary school in NJ.

To learn more about Dr. Maribeth Edmunds, check out this interview I did with her here:

To learn more about Eden Autism, check it out their website here:


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