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Interview with Michelle Zeman as an Autistic Behavior Analyst

Did you know more autistic people are either pursing work in the ABA field or already work in the ABA field?

Currently, I have been working with an ABA company on the side as I am growing myself in the ABA field. I work alongside with 7 other autistic colleagues, most of whom are either pursuing work in the ABA field or already work in the ABA field. We have a team full of different experiences and abilities in the ABA field. I am so excited to share about this next guest, who actually does not work in the same ABA company as me and even wants to open up their own ABA company! Here is my next guest in the guest interview series:

Michelle Zeman

Michelle Zeman is an autistic behavior analyst from Florida! She has years of experience as a behavior analyst in the applied behavior analysis (ABA) field for ABA companies in Florida. She has worked with clients with autism and other disabilities of various age ranges. Want to hear her perspective as an autistic in the ABA field? Learn more about Michelle through the interview I did with her here:

Please wish Michelle the best of luck as she is on a journey towards opening up her own ABA company with a friend!

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