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Open Book Tests in Schools

Do you feel open book tests should be incorporated more in schools?

As a paraprofessional for a few years so far, I've noticed students struggle with memorization tests more so now than ever before. I understand the education system needs to implement memorization tests to assess students' knowledge, but it should not be the main way of assessing students. Not all students respond to memorization tests as well as others. Therefore, open book tests should be placed in schools and classrooms.

Open book tests teach students to be resourceful. Not only should students know the answers to questions, but they need to be able to look up the answers as quick as possible. Many skills are incorporated that will be valuable for students' futures, such as looking up information within students' college courses and in their jobs and careers.

Furthermore, we know that memorization tests increase students' anxiety, so open book tests help decrease anxiety students feel when taking tests. Open book tests help students better focus on subject concepts. As a result, creates a better outlook for taking exams in school and beyond.

After reading this blog story, do you agree open book tests should be incorporated more in schools? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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