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Self-Regulation Onto IEPs with Martin Slyngstad

I have a returning guest who wanted to talk about an important topic with our community:

Martin Slyngstad

Martin Slyngstad is an autistic self-advocate who is an author of the book Chatterbox: My Life with Autism. He works full time as a behavior specialist and has returned to "The World of Autism" to share an important message about adding goals of self-regulation and management skills onto students' IEPs. As a behavior specialist, Martin believes students with disabilities should learn coping and self-regulation skills to adapt in the world. Learn more about his message here:

What kind of self-regulation and management goals do you have for your students and/or clients? Are they included in their individualized education plans (IEPs) and/or behavior intervention plans (BIPs)? Share your experiences in the comments section!


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