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Extracurricular Activities

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Want to know some benefits about extracurricular activities for the neurodiverse community?

Extracurricular activities can benefit so much for the neurodiverse community. Extracurricular activities can provide neurodiverse individuals who struggle academically with opportunities to shine and grow, focusing on their strengths and interests, developing skills in many areas of life, building self-esteem, and socializing with peers. Not only that, extracurricular activities allow more opportunities for people to develop compassion, patience, and acceptance of individuals part of the neurodiverse community. Now let me share some personal insight about being involved in extracurricular activities.

Reading at my little sister's kindergarten school’s book club back in 2015

It all started in my elementary school years when my family and I participated in taekwondo for a few years. From there, my older sister, my brother, and I got involved with volunteering for my town's organization called Marlboro TAC. I learned ever since then that it is important to help people and places in need. My high school years was when I participated in after school clubs, such as book club and American Sign Language (ASL) club. I participated in these two after school clubs based on my interests and created great friendships and connections. I was also a peer mentor for my high school's Cougar Connections program, in which I mentored students with disabilities in my high school. Extracurricular activities helped me grow and get to where I'm at today.

Want to know some extracurricular activities to get involve in as a neurodiverse individual or your child as a parent? Here are some ideas:

  1. Sports (ex: swimming, taekwondo, tennis, bowling, football, soccer, etc.)

  2. Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

  3. Music programs

  4. Theater programs

  5. Visual Arts programs

  6. Computer and Technology clubs

  7. Volunteering

What are some extracurricular activities in your school or in your town? If you have experience with extracurricular activities, what have you been involved in? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!


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