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Halloween for Autistic Children

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

It looks like Halloween will be happening in person this year! We all know that Halloween is a fun holiday of dressing up in costumes and getting candy from going to peoples' houses while trick-or-treating. Although, Halloween can be stressful sometimes for people with autism. How can you help a person with autism get through Halloween?

  1. Plan indoor and outdoor activities! If a person with autism is afraid of going out at night, be prepared with activities inside based on Halloween. For example, everyone can watch some Halloween movies or decorate pumpkins. It’s more important to make the holiday fun for everyone.

  2. Be prepared with sensory toys and headphones. There can be loud noises and sounds from peoples' houses, such as fog machines and moving decorations. Make sure to have these things on you when going trick-or-treating.

  3. Do not force them to dress up in a costume. If costumes are not comfortable due to fabric or style of costume, then substitute with a regular shirt with Halloween colors. It is so important to not force an autistic person into wearing costumes for Halloween. Let them enjoy the holiday the way they want to.

  4. Use social stories to help prepare for the holiday. It is very important to explain to an autistic person about everything that goes on this holiday, so they are less anxious and stressed out.

Do you have any more tips to help a person with autism get through Halloween? What has worked for you?

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween this year!


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