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Interview with Katie Rae & Stephanie Miller about Divergent Adventures

Do you know people who create a company to help neurodiverse people gain opportunities to travel?

Photo Credit: Divergent Adventures

Katie Rae and Stephanie Miller work within a neurodiverse traveling business called Divergent Adventures. Katie runs the social media and marketing for Divergent Adventures; Stephanie Miller is the Vice President and Director of Development for Divergent Adventures. This company was created for neurodiverse people to gain opportunities for traveling to places in and out of the country. In this guest podcast episode, I interviewed Katie and Stephanie to provide the community more insight about Divergent Adventures. To learn more about their inspirations working for the company and the company's services, check out the podcast episode I did with Katie and Stephanie here:

To learn more about Divergent Adventures, go check their website here:

Do you have any questions for Katie and Stephanie about Divergent Adventures? Share your questions in the comments section!


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