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Interview with Michelle Zeman, Autistic BCBA

I got a returning guest who shares an important message with our community. Meet our returning guest, Michelle Zeman:

Michelle Zeman is an autistic BCBA from Orlando, Florida. Besides being a BCBA providing ABA therapy for neurodiverse clients, she's been advocating for legislation to approve bills about increasing safety in schools for neurodiverse students by having safety teams when students elope/run out of school property and for creating an alternative approach in which neurodiverse adults still have rights to making their own decisions with support from coaches. Check out this video to learn about Michelle's message for the community:

Here are some follow up articles to learn more about the bills that Michelle has been advocating for to help the neurodiverse population:

Alternative option instead of guardianship-

SB 1568 and HB 1429 --- that's the House and Senate Bill for the Elopement Bill.

If you go to bill tracker that's where you'll find out where the bill is going.

Do you have any questions for Michelle? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section!

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