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Interview with Paul Silver on Self-Advocacy and College

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Did you know self-advocacy is important in life, including in college?

Self-advocacy is a foundation towards success in life. In a college setting, self-advocacy allows students to advocate for their own education needs. For example, a student goes to the disability services in their first year of college to get accommodations and modifications they need to do well in college. Throughout the rest of their college years, they work together with their professors to provide their accommodations and modifications, in order to be successful. Self-advocacy allows people to take charge of their own lives and maximize their strengths, while creating positive changes.

Now let me introduce you to a guest I interviewed for my guest interview series:

Paul Silver is an autistic self-advocate who is about to graduate from college! It is a huge milestone for anyone on the autism spectrum to earn a degree from college. Paul and I discussed the importance of self-advocacy and skills needed to succeed in life, including college. We shared strategies and tips from our own college experiences to help students on the autism spectrum get through college.

Check out the guest interview I did with Paul:


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