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Relationships and Dating With Autism

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, let's talk about dating and relationships. This topic can be hard for people to discuss about, but I thought it was time to discuss this topic. In the world of dating with autism, here are things people should know:

  • Do not be shocked about them having autism

  • Make sure they understand what you mean when communicating with him/her

  • Ask any questions you have because it shows interest in them

  • Give them time to process important small and big decisions

  • People with Autism are so honest about thoughts and feelings

  • People with Autism can date and be in relationships just like you can

Dating with Autism Advice

Now here is some advice for autistic people when it comes to navigating the world of dating and relationships:

  1. Go with the flow. I learned in my relationship of over a couple of years now that plans change. Know it is ok, and things are outside of our control. Stay positive about the dating process and being in a relationship. Life is good!

  2. Know that facing rejection and breakups will lead to better times. Facing rejections and break ups are part of life. I have been through them myself. Just know that its ok to feel sad, angry, and etc. It is part of the process towards being with a better person and better boyfriend/girlfriend.

  3. Be interesting and interested: In my long-time relationship, I have learned that being myself is the best! Make sure to have hobbies and interests that you want to share with the person you are dating/the partner in your relationship. You can even express your skills and personality, from being creative to knowledge of historical facts.

  4. Demonstrate eye contact and be aware of body language: Face the person, show eye contact, and smile at them. Other important actions include holding hands, kissing, being next to them, and hugging. It shows the person you are dating, or partner in the relationship, that you love them. Make sure though to let the person you are dating, or partner in the relationship, know your level of comfort when it comes to physical intimacy.

Any more tips do you have for someone dating/in a relationship with an autistic person or dating/in a relationship with a typical person? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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