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One Year In Florida - The Sunshine State!

Today is a special day! My family and I have been living in Florida for a year now. We arrived in Florida exactly a year ago on this date, and it was spring break for the schools during the time. When we arrived, we moved into a rental apartment complex that we ended up living in while our house was being built. Attached is a picture of the new family home we moved into four months ago:

In the past year, a lot has occurred! I gained full-time work within the first month I lived in Florida for my county's school district. Two months later, I gained work with Full Spectrum ABA in various roles. Furthermore, I have been reunited with my best friend/longtime boyfriend, and we created some fun memories so far while I have been living in Florida. Throughout the year, I have been going on adventures with my family on the west and east coast of Florida, such as visiting the beaches. In addition, I have been attending college online for my bachelor's degree and will be finished this year in the fall. As you can tell, I am so excited for more memories to be created!

I am so grateful to be living in Florida now. I feel that living in Florida has opened so many doors for me as a young autistic adult.

What do you enjoy about Florida? Share your experiences in the comments section!

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