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Stars of the Spectrum

Updated: Jan 17

This was the first of many new opportunities I've been presented with in the new year! The entire Stars of the Spectrum event was musical performances from autistic self advocates, such as C-Quig, MBS, Jennifer Msumba, Cierra June, Britini DAngelo, Jake and Sky Valazquez (siblings). At one point, I even got invited on stage with every autistic musician, which was so cool! I got to sing along right with them in a not planned, collaboration song. The audience loved it!

After the venue ended, it was an honor meeting Jake and Sky Valazquez, known as the dynamic duo of their own band, "Jake N Sky". I got to share some of my journey as an autistic with them, and we engaged in a great conversation about the advocacy work we do in our own ways. Right before I went back home, I met Doug Flutie, the founder of Doug Flutie Foundation, as well as his wife and autistic son! I want to thank Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for having me come out to their Stars of the Spectrum event at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL, on Thursday, January 4th. It was beyond amazing, full of various performances, and meeting a lot of autistic self advocates. This was an out of this world experience that I will never forget!

Do you want to see more about this event? I created a vlog about my day at the Stars of the Spectrum event! Check it out here:

Have you heard of Flutie Foundation? What are your experiences with Flutie Foundation? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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