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Task Analysis

What is task analysis?

A task analysis is an approach for teaching complex skills by breaking them down into manageable steps. Here is an example of a task analysis for the skill of putting on a t-shirt:

Skill: putting on a t-shirt

  1. Shirts in the dresser drawer → pick a shirt from the drawer

  2. Shirt in hand → Put shirt over your head

  3. Shirt over the head → Put one arm through the armhole

  4. Arm in the shirt → Put the other arm through the other armhole

  5. Both arms in the shirt → Grab the bottom of the shirt

  6. Bottom of the shirt in your hands → Pull the shirt down

A task analysis helps autistic people complete a complex skill or task through steps. In each step, it is broken down with the event or instruction first, then the person's response as the goal. There is a different goal in each step, but follows in a systematic process to ultimately achieve reinforcement at the end, which is completing the complex skill or task.

Does it help you when tasks are broken down into steps? Think of a time you needed to break down a task into steps. Share your thoughts into the comments section.

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