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Time Management

A lot of autistic people sometimes struggle with time management. This can be due to focus on special interests or even many demands on their plate causing meltdowns and/or procrastination to occur. What are some ways to balance everything and reduce stress at the same time? Here is some advice on developing time management skills:

  1. Do not make too many commitments that you cannot keep. I admit I've taken on more than I can handle before in the past. That was a mistake of mine, and it caused me to feel stressed out. Make sure to create boundaries and stick with them. If you can only handle a couple of tasks and activities a week, stick with it.

  2. Make a schedule and stick with it! I apply color codes on my phone calendar, so I know what I'm accomplishing and looking forward to for the upcoming week. I color code based off of my jobs, college, volunteering, etc. It is important to schedule everything between hard work and fun for your overall health.

  3. Break down tasks and activities into smaller ones. It is important to take breaks in between tasks and activities, so you do not end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed. So much progress can be made by letting yourself take small breaks in between tasks and activities.

  4. Do not wait last minute to get things done! You are better off prioritizing what is important to get done first, and then get everything else done with at a different time. You are more likely to be successful when you plan things out rather than completing everything last minute.

It does take time and practice to develop time management skills. Motivation is the key towards completion and success!

How do you balance everything? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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