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Update: New Home in FL

Back in March of this year, my family and I moved to Florida. Our house was being built since March. After living in a rental apartment for more than seven months, closing day was 2 days before Halloween. We officially moved into our new home on Friday, November 5th. Here is my family's brand-new house in Florida!

Picture from closing day of my family's new house on Friday, October 29th!

It was not an easy journey as our new house was being built. I recall many times losing patience with moving into our new home because of living in a small sized apartment for so long. Despite the obstacles, my family and I got through with strength and perseverance! I am so grateful to live in our new house in Florida now. Cheers to more years of memories in the new home!

Did you move this year? Did you have a new home built this year? Was the journey easy for you or not? What are some of your tips to get through moving time? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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