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It’s that time of the year when people vote and share their voices on important matters by using a ballot. People with disabilities should be voting like everyone else. Why you ask?

Everyone's input matters! In fact, people with disabilities have a lifetime's worth of experience adapting and navigating the US systems of health care, social services, and employment. We can positively influence policies in many areas, such as healthcare and housing. Now it's time to make more polling locations accessible for people with disabilities to vote! How can we make polling locations more accessible? Here are some ways:

1. Allow early voting! In Florida, the state allows people to go vote a week before election day occurs. People with disabilities, along with everyone, can go to designated polling locations for early voting.

2. Dedicate voting poll workers to assist people with disabilities! These people would help with check ins, entering the voting booth, preparing the ballot, checking out, etc.

3. Incorporate an AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal at polling locations! People with disabilities, including visual impairment, can magnify the ballot on the screen, read the ballot aloud to the voter, and mark the ballot according to the voter’s choices. Also, an AutoMARK displays the ballot in high-contrast.

These are some ways to help people with disabilities be able to vote! Do you know any more ways to making voting easier and polling locations more accessible for people with disabilities?

Share your ideas in the comments section!

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