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Guest Story - Interview with Armando Bernal, a Trailblazing and Resilient Autistic Behavior Analyst

Updated: May 22

Armando Bernal is a trailblazing, neurodivergent board-certified behavior analyst who supports patients of all ages. In addition, Armando provides autistic consultation, parent and therapist consultation, speaking engagements for companies across the nation, and supervision and mentorship to other BCBAs and therapists. Armando has also participated in several collaborations with Vanderbilt University, The Autism Society of Texas, and the Suny Empire State University meant to further support self-advocacy and independence for individuals with autism.

Armando is also the founder of Autism International Consulting, PLLC, a self-advocacy-centered organization which provides in-home ABA, in-clinic ABA, and international consultation. They are also the distributor of the podcast, “A Different Path.” He hopes to spread awareness and acceptance of autism by interviewing and sharing the stories of other individuals with autism.

Explore Armando's website:

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