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Summer Camp Memories

When I was younger, I attended the Marlboro Township Public School district from 3rd grade to 8th grade. In my first year in the school district, my IEP team at Dugan Elementary School recommended to my parents that I attend Harbor Haven. My parents did some research and it turned out the camp is located in my town a few minutes away from my house!

Harbor Haven is a summer camp for neurodiverse people. This camp provided me fun memories in which I made some new friends while gaining activities that supported the individualized needs of my IEP. I recall the talent shows I did with my camp friends, Gabby and Daniella. Plus, I recall the fun field trips to learn to play tennis and go rock climbing with my camp group. Furthermore, I recall learning to perform taekwondo and engage in yoga while having time in our schedule built for academics and daily living skills like learning to cook. There were a lot of good memories from my camp days!

Gabrielle Costas & I

Daniella Farras & I

I encourage families to do research into summer camps in your state and area. Neurodiverse people can attend camps that are designed for neurodiverse people or even include neurotypical peers. Either way, summer camps can benefit neurodiverse people in so many ways:

  1. Build communication and social skills

  2. Increase self-confidence

  3. Promotes independence

  4. Fosters growth overall

Parents, what questions do you have about summer camp for neurodiverse people. Neurodiverse self-advocates, have you ever attended summer camp growing up? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!


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